Anna RF

Everyday I give time to something beautiful, uplifting, creative, loving… And some time ago I stumble upon a group of artist musicians, paint, dancer   and i would like to share them with you.  There art speak to the soul in a very profound way, if your willing to listen!

My consciousness has change, Art has a new meaning. I guess you could say I see Art as a beacon calling to other soul, to one who are whiling, ready or seeking. There was a time in my life where i could listen to any kind of music and I define my self as a very well verse Musician/Artist for that reason and now I feel the music and hear the message and not all vibration agrees with my soul and today I choose the music I listen too or see what call to my soul.

Art as the power to move entire Nation in ways politic or the media never could even with all the suppression enforce to any one artist by the power’s to be. If the message is strong enough, the vibration will resonate true time

So here is Anna RF Take the time to visit there youtube page and listen to some of there some .–DXHNPYW4oNvfuynzw



Originally posted 2016-02-27 21:05:34.

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