Suit of Pentacles Tarot Card Meanings

Ace of Pentacles Tarot Card MeaningsAce of Pentacles Upright:Manifestation, new financial opportunity, prosperityReversed: Lost opportunity, lack of planning and foresight Two of Pentacles Tarot Card MeaningsTwo of Pentacles Upright:Balance, adaptability, time management, prioritisationReversed: Disorganisation, financial disarray
Three of Pentacles Tarot Card MeaningsThree of Pentacles Upright: Teamwork, initial fulfilment, collaboration, learningReversed: Lack of teamwork, disregard for skills Four of Pentacles Tarot Card MeaningsFour of Pentacles Upright:Control, stability, security, possession, conservatismReversed: Greed, materialism, self-protection
Five of Pentacles Tarot Card MeaningsFive of Pentacles Upright:Isolation, insecurity, worry, financial loss, povertyReversed: Recovery from financial loss, spiritual poverty Six of Pentacles Tarot Card MeaningsSix of Pentacles Upright:Generosity, charity, giving, prosperity, sharing wealthReversed: Debt, selfishness, one-sided charity
Seven of Pentacles Tarot Card MeaningsSeven of Pentacles Upright:Vision, perseverance, profit, reward, investmentReversed: Lack of long-term vision, limited success or reward Eight of Pentacles Tarot Card MeaningsEight of Pentacles Upright:Apprenticeship, education, quality, engagementReversed: Perfectionism, lacking ambition or focus
Nine of Pentacles Tarot Card MeaningsNine of Pentacles Upright:Gratitude, luxury, self-sufficiency, culminationReversed: Over-investment in work, financial setbacks Ten of Pentacles Tarot Card MeaningsTen of Pentacles Upright:Wealth, inheritance, family, establishment, retirementReversed: Financial failure, loneliness, loss
Page of Pentacles Tarot Card MeaningsPage of Pentacles Upright:Manifestation, financial opportunity, new jobReversed: Lack of progress and planning, short-term focus Knight of Pentacles Tarot Card MeaningsKnight of Pentacles Upright:Efficiency, routine, conservatism, methodicalReversed: Laziness, boredom, feeling ‘stuck’
Queen of Pentacles Tarot Card MeaningsQueen of Pentacles Upright:Practical, homely, motherly, down-to-earth, securityReversed: Imbalance in work/ family commitments King of Pentacles Tarot Card MeaningsKing of Pentacles Upright:Security, control, power, discipline, abundanceReversed: Authoritative, domineering, controlling

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