The Philosophy Of Life Big Questions

1- Who am I  ?
This one is a very complicated one because to be able to answer I have to contemplate all of the question below and event more, and to ask myself deep inside what it is that you are , not as a professional or social status or event religious belief but ME as a being . And i am not even close to be able to answer but to ask the question change everything. what it did for me was actually very interesting when you stop and think, meditate, study the question and tare down your belief system and look at everything with a fresh new perspective the possibility are endless and then life get more and more beautiful & interesting everyday and you get to discover a hole new life in it self. To ask yourself who you are is to allow yourself to live YOUR own life ! Over time from a young age we are tough how to think how to react 7 act,  raise to be a good worker a contributing member society we are made to value people by there usefulness, and the worth part about it is  we are brought up not to think for our self, believe everything that is tough to  us with out critique  !!!
Not questioning anything or everything is to live life according to someone else  belief & conviction.
So to answer who i am i first i have to answer Where do I come from ?

2- Where do I come from  ?
This one get  really bizarre because if you believe Darwin theory on evolution then life is a mistake and good or bad there is no difference and you should live life the way you intended too with out consequence so if you only have one life then let have fun and fuck everything else life lose a bit of magic and then you get a little scare because if this is it  and life has no meaning and all i do is work and pay bill… i mean wtf why are you still working to make someone else rich go out live life, spend time with your kids ans family right…is it not true? Now dont think i am against science AUCONTRAIRE i’m a big believer of FACTUAL science, we will get back to this one later

but if for one second you allow yourself to think outside the box and you don’t buy Darwin theory of evolution or not all of it and  you make your research and see that science has left thousand if not million of question unanswered then you have to ask yourself what else is out there and then if you allow yourself to see life with purpose, life with creation then you let yourself open for a hole new world with endless possibility, different dimension of understanding and consciousness and then maybe we can get to answer  Where do i come from ? But not with out asking yourself ?…
3- What is my purpose  ?
If you can answer this one then i think your  going in the right direction, if deep inside you know what you are made of if you followed your calling, listen to your inner self  it’s a wonderful thing, there is nothing more valuable in life when you have found your place in this world doing what you love and if you ask me.  someone that dose what his heart call out to if a far more happier & enlighten  person then the one who is made to believe he chose his life with out true purpose.As for me i am search for my place in this world

4- Why I’m I here  ?
Now you may ask yourself well is in it  the same one has before ? Wheal that all depend on what  belief system you base yourself on? if it Darwin well it easy your a mistake a beautiful one but none the lest a mistake  but if you you allow to see beyond what is physical and introduce a little science & some faith into the equation WOW my head is still pounding with all the possibility’s So why am i where on this earth in this time,
6- Who put me here  ?
If you allowed yourself to believe in more then evolution you obviously came to the unavoidable question who is my creator who created earth and why dint i learn or see anything other then a mystical being …i don’t know !  and even is if someone did offer some answer your allowed to  have faith but you CANT believe with out being seen as crazy or naive.  But one thing is for sure in this reality there is a divine entity some call him god other call them E.T, some says it pure energy other say we are a plain of consciousness and so much more. but one thing deep inside me i know that i will find some answer and many question true out religions and culture but i know to be true that i will not find where i truly belong in a place where if you  don’t think and do what your are told to belief  you are shunned i cant see any form of higher wisdom that will not love there creation  bass on different opinion, (i encourage my kids to question everything and accept other i want my children to evolve)
So if you can answer this one you can answer …
7- What is LIfe ?
I can only tell you what life is for me and only for now because my perspective change everyday. Before i us to qualified my self as a businessman, philanthropist. father, husband, friend. I also value my worth with money and how better i was from other “and if better i really have been?” and that narrowed my view on life for a long time
Today by trying to change and expand my view  i can tell you that i am a curious person eager to live  I’m a optimist , a father a friend and husband I’m thirsty for knowledge, I’m a traveler, I’m a loving person who want to better life around other, I’m a dog behaviorist, pet groomer, Olympian rider, a cowboy,a programmer a pilot a truck driver a business owner a poker player still a philanthropist and so much more my goal in life is to live, love, feel, connect, explore, travel, teach, share, help  today and only today i can answer because I’m sure tomorrow has plenty to teach me but today i will answer this life as i know it is a Voyage in your inner self  to discover what you are made of. “one can never reach the end of knowledge therefore there is no end only a Journey”. So for you to be able to answer what is life to you should try to start to live one and see what it all about.all my life people told me i should settle down stick to one thing that i should not try so many thing, move so many time or change career so often …boy am i happy i dint listen to them because i lived so many adventure in my life and I’m only 35 cant wait to see what wonderful story this new chapter of my life will offer and what will be my place in this new adventure so for me today my life is about enlightenment and personal grows to a better being i think for now that enough.
8- What do I really know   ?- What I know… is it true  ?
Well for now what i can tell you, is simple i know very little compare to what i tough i knew but  i am learning everyday and if my belief are true ,one thing i can tell you is I’m going to have a wonderful time finding out because if you can accept the fact that you know very little in term of life then you allow yourself to be a student eager to learn because if your are smart enough to admit you don’t know much then the automatic reaction is to learn no one wants to stay ignorant …right ? “Unless other make you feel stupid to think otherwise to justify there ignorance”   “by the way knowledge and intelligence are 2 very different thing ” so,,,
10- What is religions ?
Well one thing is for sure The truth, faith, personal belief & religions are all very distinct issue and what i can tell you from religions like all in life there is good and there is bad but what our modern time as teach us or showed us is now more then ever we need kindness, love, friendship, bound that keep us united  in this world and forget about difference, greed,profit, self gratification and remember our values so… what is religion well religions is to me a organize m intended to establish social order to a social structure i do belief that at first hand, glans all the right intention where present at the meeting but,  man, greed, lust, profit, personal gain ,,, has made it  one of the most controversial subject right before politics and for that reason it is one of the most dividing issue in this world and in my personal view this was so… to keep us divided so we dint figure out what we where capable of doing achieving or becoming to be able to keep us with low vibrating energy always in fear, ” divided we are strong they stand.” but life …life has a way to tear down any barrier and truth surface if you are listening and willing to accept it.  trust me if i am able to remove personal belief for a chance of a higher life. So ..again what is religions to me …a man made interpretation of divine scripture all to often interpreted for personal gain and power.
NOW faith that a hole new question and i can says today my faith is strong and thirsty   faith is what & where everything is possible and depending on how you view life and it’s  question, Faith is where you find God, Ala, Crishna, Kundalini, Elevation,  what ever you may call him, her, it. Faith holds the answer not Religion how can one religion be true and let everyone else die for different belief no God or creator who is suppose to love all there children will let any suffering for different belief . anything my children do i will always love them no matter what and will always give them what they need not necessary what they want. So it is in faith where you can find the answer we are all looking for .

Your allowed to question faith and in questioning come answer , but i have really seen a religion enjoy being question and raddled there belief in the name of a good debate more then often religion has condone and murder people for just asking question or thinking other wise and there is more then 3000 religion in this world so the odds that you have pick the right one are slime to none.But faith love being question it event give you test in life to see if you have any faith but faith will also show you wonderful thing if you belief and have faith in faith

11- What is science  ?
Well in lamest term science is a religions because science belief that it holds all the  answer and if you dare thinking other wise you will be frown upon or redicullise…JUST LIKE RELIGION but beyond that negative aspect of the close minded individual that cant fathom that life is a miracle  in it self  and there might still be so much that we still dont know or if i can say it better if science could only realize  how little we know about life and accept that science is a very important aspect of life but a very small one and for that reason it will never hold all the true & answer and then i believe we will see tremendous advancement in humankind all together . But science is not what I tough and there is a big difference between factual & theoretical science. And today we have forgot the importance of factual science and made room for profitable science and that when it turn into a religion.
12- Who is right… Who hold the true ?
Well…I dont know who is right but what i can says with all of my life experience the answer is only the end of the Journey and to understand the meaning you have to walk the path because you can receive all the answer possible if you don’t know the question the answer are useless
so to know who is right you have to question everything and again in question you will find the answer you are looking for.
13- Is some one right ?
Dose it really matter if some one is right or not, is it the person that need to live or learn something that will be guided in one way or another, right now i feel guided i listen to my inner self follow the path that is showed in my mind because in reality everything happen only in our consciousness so we create what is not and close our minds to what is.

What do you think, how do you view life question?
Let me know in the comment below :)


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