The little finger of your left hand touches the ring finger of your right hand. The little finger of your right hand touches the ring finger of your left hand. At the same time,
the middle fingers of both hands touch the index fin-gers of the other. The thumbs remain extended. Do three times a day for 15 minutes. The Surabhi Mudra is very effective against rheumatism and arthro-sis. Since these diseases are usually chronic, or at least have existed within the person long before any outbreak or pain is perceived, this mudra must also be practiced for a longer period of time. A person with these complaints should also be sure to eat a healthy and light diet (see Appendix A) and drink a great deal of green tea. In addition, rampion (Harpagophytum procumbens DC) can be used to put an end to annoying rheumatism and arthrosis.


THE M U D R A S 79
At first, mainly concentrate on your exhalation and imagine how a
dark cloud leaves your body each time you exhale. This cloud contains
your spent energy, all the waste substances, and every pain. Most
importantly, it also contains all your negative thoughts and feelings.
After about 20 breaths, also pay attention to your inhalation, and
imagine each time that you are absorbing light, which makes your
entire body shine. Gradually let the cloud that you exhale become
lighter and lighter. In conclusion, let yourself be filled with the
brightest light and surrounded by a cloak of light that radiates far out
into your environment.

Purifying light fills me and burns away everything that oppresses and
hurts me. From the bottom of my heart, I seek cleanliness in my body,
clarity in my mind, and purity in my soul.

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