First clench both fists and hold them in front of your chest (basic position). While inhaling, stretch the right arm to the right and point the index finger upward. At the same time, stretch your left arm to the left. Hold this tension for 6 breaths and then return to the basic position. Repeat six times on both sides. For serious chronic constipation, do four times a day. For light constipation, repeat six to twelve times in the morning and at noon. When traveling or in acute cases, practice every morn-ing before rising for 5 to 10 minutes while comfortably lying in bed. Then hold Mudra Number 24 for several minutes. The Suchi Mudra often helps the first time you do it. If you practice it in the morning at 7, you can usu-
ally “unload” before 9.

Yogis have always been quite concerned about daily elimination and
intestinal cleansing. Unwellness, spite, impatience, violent temper,

1 O5
wanting to cling to everything—the cause for all these unpleasant feelings
is often full, and therefore stressed, intestines.
HERBAL REMEDY: Black alder (Rhamnusfrangula) helps against con-
In your mind, see yourself as a generous person, as someone who likes
to give unconditionally, and wisely, and who liberally distributes an
appropriate portion of your income. See yourself as someone who can
also forgive yourself and your fellow human beings; who can toss out
old prejudices and other figments of the mind, and risk having new
experiences; and who starts every day as a new person with fresh
vigor. Let this inner concept become increasingly true in your outer
/ let go and give up everything that has been used up in my
body, mind, and soul.

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