Introduction to Mudras

It amazes me how can a subject, not so long ago ridicule by myself, now hold so much wisdom. When ever someone would approach the subject, I always kept an open mind but always with skepticism. But today my view has change and I want to share some of the wisdom with you. Mudras like anything related to the spiritual realm, function all layer of consciousness & dimension and need to be done with a conscious mind driven by love. It is said that there is a focal point to every organ, chakras, energy center & dimension residing in our hand. At first when I look at the subject with a septic eye, I found it hard to wrap my head  around it, I mean how can a pressure point press by a thumb or needle in the hand health, elevate or event change the consciousness of someone? That was hard to understand but then I look at what modern science has to says and everyday there is new discovery giving more and more credibility to ancestral medicine. Doctor are seeing the correlation between all the organ and the various system found in the hand. Md often suggest pressure point to release pain & migraine. So I guest or ancestor where not that dumb after all! And with out the technologies we find today, or is it us that is behind on our time? If civilization 5000 years ago had a better understanding of our nervous system,  then we do today, I wouldn’t be surprise if the where more advance in all matter that constitute our being. That being said let take a look at Mudras.

What are Mudras? & what purpose to the serve?
Mudras are a combination of hand, eyes & body position, pressure point & massage meant to heal, energize or elevate one body, mind and soul.  In other words,  if you have pain there is  mudras for that, if your sad, angry, anxious and so forth well there some for that too, if you want to connect to the spiritual realm there all for that also. You could says there are karate katas or Tai Chi fo the hand

Who can do Mudras? well everyone, almost anytime. Modern guru will says that you can do Mudras anytime anywhere and this is where i don’t agree. I don’t see it being a good practice to do mudras in traffic or when upset, unless you are working on these specific issue. I believe we should be in a positive state of consciousness to benefit the full potential of these practice. And I find it is best to be in a calm surrounding prone to meditation where you can dedicate all your attention and energy to yourself.

When should we perform the mudras and for how long?
Every Mudras have different length an function and purpose, in this world and in the spiritual one as well. So it is hard to says how long you should practice . For myself I try to dedicate at lease one yo three hour per day for meditation and now I will include Mudras with in my practice but from what i gathered you can start with 10 minute per day. You will quickly find yourself wanting more and dedicate more time to your practice. As for when I would says all the time any time unless your are focusing on a specific illness then it is said you should practice everyday at the same time as much as possible.

Is it safe?
YES it is as long as you to them with love and for the right purpose.  If it is with in your reach i would strongly suggest you seek help from a guru or spiritual guide that can teach you these practice. If not, do your own research and find the answer with in yourself.

So in the spirit of the mudras I will share with you my experience on my practice over time and you enjoy and find what it is your looking for


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