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I have learned a lot over the past years & knowledge is exponential the more we learn the more we want to know until you reach a point where you realize you know nothing and its time to start all over again, re evaluate life and it’s big question. Most of us experience this epiphany on our death bed and the hole process of reincarnation start and we get to experience life all over again with new experience but with out consciousness of our past life. But for some of us fortunate enough to live this experience/ awakening in our life time is truly extraordinary.We get the chance to rediscover life in a hole new light but with the knowledge of past mistake & experience witch allow us to appreciate life and it’s miracle.

One of life miracle I came across is a very tiny phrase but yet so powerful


What does it mean?… Well for me it means, we are not bound to this earthly body but also that we don’t own it either, and our mind react to past experience but does not define our core being.

So if this body is not ours, then what is it?

In mythologies our body is often refer as Our temple, vessel. Is that what it is? Are we Avatar in a earthly body? If so I think we should reconsider how we maintain our Body…right? What I mean is if we view, acknowledge, understand what our body is, according to the old scripture, a temple or vessel then we need to understand it function and maintenance and how to care for it. If you have a car and you put in dirty gasoline you are expected to have mechanical problem, the same goes for oil change if it not done when and how it should be done then you will damage the engine.

So our body and mind are the same if we don’t tend  to there need we will be sick or emotionally unbalance. One of my equestrian coach once said to me

“When we have a sick horse we don’t give them medication we give them the proper nutrition, when a animal is unbalance we change there nutrition”

there is a lot of wisdom in this though. Our body are like manufacture and like any production plants it need it basic raw material. You body and mind have endless knowledge, ability’s  and intelligence you have a hole new body every years .

cell regenaration

So it is up to us to give our plant the proper material to rebuilt itself. If we use product of low quality’s it is not surprising if more then half the population has some sort of sickness or another,

in 2016 45% of the population in expected to encounter cancer  .

We need to understand what it is we are doing, on a conscious level. Now when i mean we need to use product of good quality is not to be confuse with expensive. We don’t need to buy hight end product only healthy one and your local farmer market has everything you can ever need.

Also I came across a product that works wonder on our health.  GSH Complex® is a precursor for intracellular glutathione and promotes optimal health. In lames term, a protein that supplies your body with the necessary nutrient to promote glutation, and what is glutation?… well its cell regeneration. My wife was diagnose with a denigrative disease 2 years ago and none of the medication help, she had lost mobility and in constant pain and GSH plus help her so much. But I will let her tell her story. If you are ever interested in purchasing GSH please follow this link.

That is for the regeneration aspect but what about maintaining it, we do need to take our car to the garage every once in a while to make sure everything is running smoothly and to do the maintenance, so what about our body how can we keep it running smoothly? Well there is a lot you can do and one of them is…

Yoga, yoga has many facet to discover, but what is it use for?the explanation giving next is a gross depiction to give you basic idea… but is no where near complete enough. Only a base to start with

Yoga is a spiritual & physical process witch allow us to reconnect with our higher self & activated the flow of energy with in our body, mind and consciousness. First of all remember your body regenerate itself COMPLETELY with in a year, that mean every years there is a hole new you. And that is with out you making any effort at all, you have that kind of power & intelligence in you but we need to find out how we can tap into this knowledge and power and Yoga give you the tool to do so, condition your body and mind for that effect.

Fun Fact:

YOGA & MEDITATION are the answer to all humanity problem, just think when you become aware of our tough and action and there outcome, you can’t but only elevate your consciousness and change your action & tough therefore healing humanity pain & suffering

Our body did come with a instruction manual but it was left on its shelf for some time now and only some of us decided to go & check out the book. There are plenty of spiritual teacher in the world to show us the way of the old scriptures we only need to listen.

when you lead yourself unto the path of spiritual awakening you come to realize that every action and tough you generate has a profound impact in your life, your health.

Negative though also play a very important roll on our health. We are often in a state of mind that push us to ask “WHY ME?” and the answer is simple

Because you ask for it!!!

You are a reflexion of your own tough, so “Why me?” In a conscious or unconscious level you want these event to happen to you the problem is when it is negative it is someones else doing but when it is positive we have no problem to praise ourself . But we are hole the ying and the yang, good & evil, positive & negative by accepting this fact we empower ourself for change because when you are the only one to blame for your misfortune you only have one option left, To Change! Change how we think, how we eat, how we act.

So be positive, and you won half the battle that is with your health and every other aspect in your life. You have the power in you to be all that you could ever want to be.

If i could leave you with only one piece of advise it would be to find yourself, find what you where meant for, what is your purpose in this life. In the process you will discover your truth and yourself.

My second piece of advise is only trust yourself. .







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