Where I am going Part #1

Its been a week and a half since my last post I needed to step back and look and the direction my life is taking, I want to find my self i feel lost I don’t nore am I a slave to money but the fact the mater is some sort of exchange is needed to live life and in my spirituality i don’t want to lose sight of myself there is so much i still want to experience. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not questioning my quest to spirituality only how I should approach life direction i should chose, one of my problem I have, is the need to always have everything when I want them, know everything the moment I am interested in a subject, be the best at everything i do but life is all about the experience you live in the path you chose, and by choosing to discover my self and my spirituality I have open myself to aa hole new range on emotion and to try and understand them is really confusing.

So for now I am trying to find balance between all aspect of my life but i can tell you i am happy, I am really fortunate to have the people that I have in my life, my wife is so awesome I couldn’t hope for a better woman in my life understanding, intelligent, beautiful & sexy. I have the best kids event with all there mistake the have a good hart and for me that all that matter. I have golden friend i couldn’t ask for better there not as many as i use to think but that ok because the one I have are awesome and i love them very much. As for money well that funny I have to let life carry that burden because every time i stress about it it just make thing worst and it doesn’t change anything so I will keep on creating in the best way i can and harvest what life what me to have but so far i can’t complain even if it’s not easy but i have faith in my self.

I miss a few days of meditation & Yoga and I miss it stress was much more present and hard to deal with but after 5 minute of Isha Kriya i remember how crusial mediation is in my life.

I exchange my pick up truck for a Trans Am GTA 1985, a project car to rebuilt with my son and daughter something to do so we could bound latly i feel like we dont  spend enough time together and this is hopefully a good way to do so.

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In the process i rented my garage to some friend of mine maybe this will help ,ake a living and learn something new.

As for our Tantra practice we are still learning and will write a post soon

Take care all of you spread joy and love around you… It’s worth it :)


Originally posted 2015-10-16 02:23:20.

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