What next ?

As time progress and our journey continues i am left with some question and some are more puzzling  then other and today  I’m asking myself “What next ?”I have so many idea, so many desire, place i want to see, people i want to meet, and then there’s money ! How should i pay for it all ? and my children, what should teach
them ? How should i raise them ? What position should i take on money in there education. Some days are easier some a little harder but everyday i have to remind myself what it is i want to achieve and the basic of life.

So what’s next? what should i do at time i want to built my ecovillage & other i want to travel and meet the world but at the same time we are thought to fine the devine with in ,  all those plan require money so should i get a job or stay a entrepreneur should i built a big company & have employee or just enough to live,should i give what i have away?. How can i live in a wold i do not agree with, how can i support enterprise when i see the suffering they cause. how can i support a government that is not for the people and with the people. At time I am lost in what road should I venture on.I want to live but i can feel these energy pulling me down, i fight but i need guidance i feel but not yet able to decode what is the big picture.I always wonder why i was the way i was, why did i fight the system so much my parent , religion, Our teaching never felt right to me i wanted to be part of this system and not sure why but now all i want is to run away with my wife and kids and some friend in the Utopia i created in my head but i do know i don’t want to be here in this world of material i can picture myself anywhere else on the planet helping one live, built, teach but i don’t think i can feed a machine anymore design to make me struggle and hide anything beautiful so IT can be in control of my life.

So what next? what should I do ??? I don’t know but again isn’t it the beauty of life not knowing what tomorrow will bring i hope my blog will take of enough to help us live, travel & meet people around the world. I strive everyday to become a better person learn something new everyday devote time everyday to my spirituality appreciate what is around me  love all the time share what i experience and i am sure life will direct me in the right path.

All my desire are only ways to cloud my judgement i have to trust all will be ok anf give when i can

Sorry if this post was a little sporadic and of the wall ,some days are more complex then other but i have to remind myself those are only ways to keep my grounded to the material world. Life is not about economies or profit it took me a long time to understand this concept i took some deep questioning of myself and my relation with other family and friend and how i was regarded to them to understand and today i can see a little more everyday

Meditation has brought great comfort in all i truly find peace in my solitude also eager for my body to be able to spend more time in trans but the bottom line is mediation is the way and everyday i work at it. and i am truly grateful for my wife being part of my journey i don’t often talk about her experience because we all live them with in and let her tell her own story but i can count my blessing for having her with me and being so understanding

Here is a little quote to make you think leave you comment on your though about this

If you want to become whole,
first let yourself be broken.
If you want to become straight,
let yourself be crooked.
If you want to become full,
let yourself be empty.
If you want to be reborn,
let yourself die.
If you want to be given everything,
give everything up.
Tao Te Ching

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