Spiritual Travel, Meeting with my spiritual guides

Life carries us in direction we never thought we would travel. No house, no job, that a path I never thought I would travel  for myself, obviously I had dream of winning the lottery and enjoying life to it fullest but until then I was a businessman that had responsibilities, payment’s, employee’s, store’s, and now I couldn’t contemplate working one more day in my life.

Don’t get me wrong I’m not a burden upon society and I am and will continue to be a contributing member of society but rather than working paying taxe and feeding the machine, i’m putting my energy on our world making it better in any way that I can  and before I can do that I have to become someone or no one not sure how to phrase this sentence. to be able to serve mankind I first must know myself then find my place with in his world.  There is a quote that vibrate with in  my soul:

I lose myself with in nature to find myself

And that is exactly the path I am choosing. Some of my life most memorable time where were there was no tomorrow, roaming earth vast ocean of knowledge, meeting mentors and guides. I had no future but I was happy I had no possession yet I was still happy. So in my bus I go meeting my guides and finding where i belong in this world, what is my purpose!

I often believe myself to be some sort of a healer, everyone I ever touch have said to me to feel safe, a peace and better physically. When I give massage i can feel another pain and discomfort and if the connection is made i can sometime feel their emotion and here there though. Often in the past i would dismiss these occurrence as coincidence therefore of no merite. But now I am attentive to my surrounding and detail and see that there might be some truth to what I am experiencing.

Long ago I had a dired need to do yoga and never did I act on does desire but always had some back thought and now that I have found my spirituality in my life i can’t go a day without feeling it’s  downside.

So now I am traveling around Canada then north America & then the world. To meet my guide where ever they may be in whatever shape or form the may take

Hope you enjoy hearing about them in the following article’s

Until then Namaste


Originally posted 2016-08-15 06:05:31.

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