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It’s Sunday afternoon, we are driving down to the Ashram. This time it for real! No week getaway, the real deal. Ok I reckon it’s only  for 7 days but still, I am about to sept into a realm only fantasize in my head. Before we got there we figure we would stop somewhere to eat park for the night then head out the few miles left the next morning , so we could get all the little nick nack left to gather and pick up my wife medicinal plant need to manage her pain to last us the week also last time we were in these neck of the woods I had some repair done on my motorhome and they didn’t fix the gasket on the differential properly so i figured it was good time to get it fix. Right after dinner we head out our motorhome and decide to move it since we were parked in the employe zone of the wal-mart, turn the key and nothing not a click or a clack but not like when you drain your battery and the starter isn’t turning, the light are turning on, no fading the voltmeter tell me my battery’s are fine so what wrong? I spent half the night trying to figure out what’s going on, around 3 am I couldn’t keep my eye’s open anymore so I went to bed the next morning I woke up around 7 and started trouble shooting again and still nothing so I walk to the garage I mention earlier, and they sent me a mechanic to look at the problem he show up at the bus and  set’s up his equipment to test what is going on tell me to give it a try and BAMMM it start ???

Now I don’t know why or what happen why at this moment it would not start and after it would. is it purely mechanic or there was a reason why i definitely had to stay at that spot that night or see that mechanic I don’t know. The mechanic said it’s a faulty wire that needs to be change soon and most probably is and definitely will change it in the near future. But still leave me wondering why at that moment in time it happen ! Anyways motorhome start again the gasket on the axle is fix we are good to go now obviously we were late at our arrival and where a little nervous waiting to make a good impression and all.

Once there I back up the bus in the parking lot waiting for a spot to make itself available. I was hopping for the same as last time all the way at the end in the corner but without luck for hours I waited but no one showed to move their car and one of the staff said to back up in a parking spot that I would be fine that I could step into the grass so we did and amazingly we fitted perfectly not using more than one parking spot and on top of that there was a power outlet we could plug our self to whenever we needed some power to charge the battery or heat up the motorhome. funny how thing work out sometime right?  After all of these endeavor it was already late afternoon so we wandered around the grounds attended afternoon yoga class.

So this is our yoga  routine 2 hours we first start with our prayer & meditation then we do some pranayama followed with a little relaxation in the corps position, actually we do these relaxation after every pose how ever short or long it may be, we always assume this asana to let the flow of energy work it course and travel with in our mind body and soul. then we move to leg extension, then the dolphin and the head stan for those who are capable of doing it at not the just yet the should quickly follow then whe do the shoulder stand that I can do, not the leg all the way back but the shoulder stand I can. then we move to the crocodile pose  resting our head on our hand while laying on our stomach toes touching completing an energy circuit. this asana is replacing the corpse pose for this portion of the session. Oh I forgot we also did the fish , then we move to the half lotus then full lotus then the bow and I am sure i am forgetting a bunch but as the week goes by I am sure I am sure to remember better and share with you then we proceed to do the final meditation then prayer and that was our first yoga class as a member of the great family that is the Sivananda one.

Then we had dinner i was really surprised in the tastiness of the food that was served and the portion as well but i think the want me to lose some weight because they always give my wife more then me but I can’t deny I need to. After dinner we help in the kitchen unable to perform our Kharma Yoga of the day we dint want to freeload so we jump in.

Then at night we had the Satsang, we first started with a 30 min meditation I have to say that was a bit hard usually when I meditate I am a little lazy and use cussion to support my back and all but now ouff!! just a little cushion and a mate… I’m pretty sure no pain no gain applies here. then we sang the Kirtan, I was lost with in the words and the chant even if I don’t understand their meaning yet. Then someone did a lecture that was very interesting, but we will get in that subject some other time.  Here is a small sample of one of the chant sang during satsang, enjoy!

That was our first day at the Ashram can’t wait to see what tomorow has to offer



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