Please… tell me where we are going?

Where are you going as a society?

Everyday i read post, news … on what is going in the world, Isis propaganda, the eminent war lurking at our door step, mass shooting in school, famine everywhere …. we live in a world divided but why are we so ? I mean we are suppose to have over 5500 years of documented history after the burning of the Alexandria library and our schooling system as tough us that that for most of our human history we have been at war with one another and for what? profit ???and for whom ???? the very few people who control your life decide how you should live it, and even force you to forfeit your conviction & morals in the name of glory, fame and even material possession. I think the last one is the worst we are guilty from or are we ? Do we really want all that is offer to us or are we force to want them. Did you know that 1% of the world population control 40 % of the world economy  and that the middle class is responsible for 7 % of the world economies. that mean that 72 thousand people control the live 6 billion.

The average human being is unaware of the tremendous  power we hold we the people and even less what we can accomplish as a society. Just think one second what WE THE PEOPLE have built over the centuries, construction, technologies, medical advancement, think about all the compassion we are capable off. Think about every moment in your life that took you breath away.

Now tell me how you can accept all that is going on in the world ? And we are the ONLY REASON why what is happening is so. YES you me him or her.. JFK once said

The Only Thing Necessary for the Triumph of Evil is that Good Men Do Nothing

and we are doing FUCK ALL other then let EVIL do what ever they want accept what is impose and look away.

We accept police brutality
We accept warsWe accept laws that induce suffering of other for profit
We accept polution of our water source, air &  land

We look away so we don’t have to take action, so we can feel secure so we can live in our imaginary world with out consequence.

So this is what i am asking of you not sure if this is going to reach you touch you or even move you but what i am asking is so simple but yet so important that its vital to our survival everyday for the rest of your life i want you to do 2 thing: 1 ARK everyday “Act of Random Kindness” to a stranger “it as to be someone you don’t know” & you have to forgive all the wrong doing that has ever happen to you,  in your heart. and by following these 2 simple rules we together will change the world for ever.

there haven’t been any other time in our history where we the people have a chance to claim this world ours, you and me are the solution.

Feed the homeless
Help the less fortunate
Cloths the one in need
Love your neighbor
Refuse to fight

you get the jiff you don’t need to radically change your life just be human


Originally posted 2015-12-06 19:15:20.

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