Is the Paranormal real ? I believe, Do you?

Wow so much as past since the beginning of my quest into spirituality. From a believer of hard fact to a blank sleight open to new teaching with an open mind to the world and eager to discover all miracle of life. One thing is amazing, when we finally open our mind to the world and all of it’s possibility, we  find it beautiful again, full of possibility’s, hope & miracle .  Also I am founding myself flirting with the the unbelievable, paranormal, not in any practice  but reevaluating my position on the subject .

It all started, I would say with meditation, at first i wanted to quiet the chatter in my mind release the stress and find piece with in myself, then vision started to form them self with in my mind. At first there where geometric form casting shadows not quite clear blurry and quickly fading when ever i  tried to focus.

geo1  geo2geo3

Then i was introduce to the sensory perception, feeling vibration with in me and around me. At time i feel like i am falling in the rabbit hole. At first I was scared or uncertain ! As if i was drunk and the hole room was spinning and at a “1000 miles per hours”. Now I welcome these experience with anticipation always curious where the warp will lead to. One of my most vivid memory was hovering in a space of vibrant luminosity and could only see the shadow casted by the light being. At the time I was not able to maintain for long period of time this state of consciousness but over timer i am progressing .


I love when i get into profound meditation and experience all these sensation.

Lately I experience vision, some random where i found no explanation, like an old room with a chair in the middle, a windows looking down to the Forrest and some old generic picture you would find in a hospital in Vango style of painting, the room in it self look very depressing but the energy radiating from it was very peaceful. I have also visioned what I would call my “cosmic land” as if It was giving to me recently. In one of my meditation i found my self in a strange place at first it was plain like a valley looking onto earth. I quickly realize this was going to be  the foundation of my spiritual home. I don’t know if true development of my spirituality i was able to land in such place or it was always mine to discover “time will tell”  But I feel at home and started to build what I am calling my paradise, fortress of solitude and at the same time my spiritual hookup, the resting place of my spiritual soul honestly i don’t know what to call it just yet, but every time i visit my cosmic land I manifest my vision and prepare this world for my family and loved one. And feel it is in my responsibility to dedicate energy in the creation of this world. to be continued…

paradise cosmicland

Also wake up in the morning with empath feeling of this world, When ever there is a crisis on the world, pain and suffering i feel deep feeling of sadness and anxiety. Those one I find hard at time to deal with and not let these feeling affect me and my moods.

I have predicted 3 earthquake by hyper sensory perception all with in 36 hours of the event. I felt nauseated & weak as if i was going to be violently ill and the only reason i was able to attribute these feeling or perception to these event was with a prior experience at a very young age and by luckily stumbling onto the movie “Phenomenon” and in one scene such event are experience by John Travolta playing the lead roll.

So lots of wonderful, extraordinary & miraculous thing has been happening to me and my wife I am event considering dedicating some time to spiritual healing, many have told me that I have healing hand, younger I always believe that these where compliment meant to flatter me so I would keep on giving massage  “who doesn’t love a good massage” but with time Ive come to realize I am truly helping people and easing there pain. My wife who has been diagnose with a auto immune condition and when there is a pain attack my simple touch can take her pain aways. I have seen a friend sleep in peace for the first time in years by simply placing my hand on her chest and so many more I am often told that my presence is appeasing and the radiate sense of security  . So for these reason I would like to elaborate and discover that side of spirituality also. But what about the paranormal?

As you go along the journey of self discovery, you can but reevaluate your belief. As for my self I have experience enough event to shatter my belief. When we first moved into our new house, my belief stop me from ever considering  the paranormal with any of the understanding I have Today. My daughter often spoke about entity living in our house, noises, shadow and all and was always quick to dismiss her experience manly because i believe she was influence by mainstream movies and collective fear. But by force of change i listen and open my mind to the possibility of such experience. In one of my previous post White shaman my wife and myself went to meet with a white Shaman protector of a sacred site in northern Quebec and during one of our many meditation we experience what many would call A paranormal event where you can see what i can only describe to be my wife higher self or cosmic being at lease i am hopping so .Look closely at the image

DSC_0112 DSC_01121

Now this was mind blowing for me and my wife. That day, the shaman told us he had never experience such high level of energy, perceive that we are very old souls and my wife, being a goddess in herself. Then ask if he could unify our love in the spiritual realm as it would be a honor for him. We obviously accepted and bless our love in a deep meditation with Shamanic ritual. I could feel my inner self experiencing this ritual on a hole deferent conscious level and I would go as far as to say in a hole different dimension. I could here noise that didn’t belong where I was and could also feel foliage on my skin  where there was none. this was a very powerful experience and now we are united in this life and all the ones to come … Now you may call me crazy but i find this way of unifying soul much more powerful than any conventional modern marriage  or union we find today. It was not a social construct but a deep connecting event between 2 souls.

One more experience that is more related to todays perception of paranormal occurred in our centennial home. My wife, kids and myself where at the restaurant for my father in law birthday when my security system started to send me some picture from my motion detection camera at first there was nothing to be bother by other then the system going off with out any apparent reason, then shadows began to appear in the frame, then you can distinctly see the shadow of a man going up the stair’s… I will let you be the judge.

g3g1 g2 g4 g6g5

In conclusion, my only choice is to consider all possibilities. What are you take on the subject ?




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