I Was upset & Shiva Answered

Lately I’ve been a little frustrated with my self event if my meditation have been
going very well, Something was missing, I don’t know if its the honeymoon effect or…
but i was missing some spirituality I felt some sort of emptiness inside and was upset because i wanted
to be able to advance more faster with out result on the spiritual level…so I thought.

Any of you who started your spiritual Journey  became more conscious and in the awakening you became
aware of some minuet detail of everyday life  example : you know someone is coming before they show up, you know what someone will
says before they event start speaking, you pick up the phone right before it ring, you think of someone and they call or show up, the clock speak to you
12:12, 11:11 10:10 9:99 …. and so much more but for the sake of this post we only need thess one.

So 2 night ago I prepared to meditate and with my bits of frustration I waited until 2:22 am to start meditating and also
instead of starting with “Isha Kriya” Mantras I started right away With “Om Nama Shivaya” and i visualized 2:22 that all i could think of
I though to my self “if your showing me this sign then i will show you the same :P” and began meditating and with in 5 minute i was in physical pain
I could understand usually i meditate from 45 minute to 3 hours and now i could bare 5 minute so i decided to terminate my trans
and proceeded to Namaskar and the second my hand position them self the Mantras stop right there that was a sign & then realize I had been meditating for 45 minute. 40 minute was gone.
how could this be???

Everything is about perception and I perceived something amazing in reality I think I was thought a lesson , Thing will come i the fashion they are design to.
Now you may ask how I came to this perception well … I mediate everyday or should i says 6 days out of 7 2 to 3 time a day I fell better I look better my mind
is much more at peace I am happier and because I became comfortable I got upset because I dint perceive any new spirituality, instead of just appreciating the NOW
I tried to force it & I Lost time out of consciousness, became very uncomfortable and felt my wrong doing inside i understood that I could not bring frustration with me . I have to let life happen
I was showed how time is a perception and none linear and i have to be patient devote myself and find miracle in everything, for you who just started it might be hard to understand
and its hard for me  to explain what I experience
I don’t claim anything fantastic , only that i receive a answer to a question I had and the answer came in a way I could understand it  myself. What was the question ?
well I gave you the answer so I’m sure you can figure it out the question :)


Originally posted 2015-09-15 23:47:13.

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