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What does it mean to live in the now?  We all heard motivational speaker or spiritual guide talk about living in the now and it importance. Many of us as read book like the one from Eckhart Tolle about the power of the present and how we should live each moment in the present. But how? With everyday torment, bill chancing us, responsibility lurking at every turn we make.  In it’s very simplicity lays a very complex set of event needed to be cross to understand the importance of the present. For a long time i believed I held sufficient knowledge to grasp the concept of living in the now. Today I have enough wisdom to understand I am far from holding enough knowledge to says I grasp any aspect of life in it essence. Now for most it would plant seed of fear to admit how ignorant they are and how little they really know about life. But for me it had a entirely different reaction.

Far too long I have judge my self on a strict set of rules and felt so much guilt. Always believing I needed to have all the answer to every situation, problem, always had to be there for every one and and having every puzzle solve all  the time. Its exhausting,the mind is always racing. How can I enjoy life when my mind is is always residing in the past and in the future, tormented by past decision or upcoming adversity always fearing for an uncertain future. And what for ?

Like I said for me to grasp the fact that I know nothing about life had a liberating effect on my soul and to understand that I can’t event understand everything in this life time made me feel like a free bird.Le me explain!… Most of or stress is cause over bad decision or the fear of making one. We go to school , we learn a trade or career, become adult then we are expected to have everything figured out, with out ever making a mistake. But what if life was all about making mistake. Thomas Edison was once ask, and ridiculed at the same time, why he had failed some 2k time making the light bulb, and his answer has ” I didn’t fail, I found over 2k ways how not to make a light bulb”. And that very notion has brought me a lot of clarity and peace. I don’t need to be perfect anymore, I am aloud to make mistake, I don’t need to be so tough anymore. Mistake are part of the process to succeed

also I would like to point out that maybe we should stop calling them mistake and refer to them as life experience, just saying!

So what does it all mean? How can this make me live more in the now? Well, It is very simple, the very notion that we are not suppose to have everything figured out and our purpose to be is made from life experience “Mistake”. Contemplate this idea for a minute… you will also be ride of this burden stow upon you. When you understand that you are suppose to make mistake and fail so you can learn and grow. Life become wonderful again, just think for a second. How many time have we wish to go back in time and experience life truth the eyes of a child or teenager? Always saying if I knew what i knew today I would make different choice. What stopping you ? We all believe that we need to follow the path that we chose so many years ago. But I will let you know a little secret, you don’t, you can change, at any time and start over and see life truth a fresh new perspective, knowing what you know. Now you can enjoy everything that you do, experience all that need to be lived, feel all your emotion, Observe every slice of life & try to understand yourself. With out stressing over “I am making the right choice” because in every situation you encounter you come out a winner what ever the outcome. If you failed you learn if you succeed you learn as well.So where is the problem ? For some reason life became, over time a test, that we all need to pass under the same regime, the same criteria .

Every one is chasing a dream, But for most it is not there own. We all think, at lease for most, that we need to gather as much wealth as possible to be happy, but what for? If you remove that conspicuous idea that we need wealth in our life, then you are once again able to live all of your dream.

Ok but that still doesn’t mean I am living in the present!! and you are right, but that for me was the first step needed to bring myself back onto the moment, this slice of life. And now i can contemplate the moment, experience the present. Actually that is a lie. I can experience some moments of the now.

It is hard when everything around us is design to keep your mind away from the now.

Living in the now doesn’t mean that you have everything figure out and  living with out negativity, only that we are equip with the tools needed not to be affected by such negativity, the knowledge to know how to change and adapt  and the wisdom to know when to let go and observe. Living in the now mean to appreciate the very breath you take, to travel with in the music, find the divine with in life. Living in the now mean to live .

We often wait for the right moment in witch we can shine, LIVE. But what is the right moment? To have money! To have the right job or the right spouse ? or that the kids are gone from home…what? To wait for the right moment to live is to find excuse so we can pretend we are heading forward but with out ever making any ripple in the fiber of space and time .

Start to live




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