What judgment will do to your inner self!

One of the consequence of a spiritual journey is the awakening of one self , and in those conscience awakening
you are a witness to greatness but also to desolation. I’m experiencing so many positive change in myself but also some sorrow
I wonder why? In everyday life it is hard to to find true bliss as one need to consistently justified himself  to the judgement of all
instead of focusing there energy on the creation of life. So …

By judging other we create our own suffering,
By ignoring others pain we generate our own loneliness
By looking the other way we create our own hell
By blinding yourself to others hunger you  create your sickness

What i am trying to says is we focus most of our energy on  some one else life, how they should live, eat, work and so one. We all
have the power to judge other but how many of us are able to look in a mirror and see reality? We, all of us have created the world we live in
the government we elected, the economic structure we keep feeding, the wars we fight they are all result of YOU & ME but if we created this world
we also have the power to tar it down and built our utopia
I  dream of a world when our collective consciousness will overturn these idol way of thinking where instead of thinking of the next great buy
one will favor the well being of there fellow human being. We have the power to eradicate all of the wrong in this world by one simple rule
MANY Act.Random.Kindness. All we need to do is to think of other before us.

I as often told true out my life that I should mind my own business that i should not care and help other as much as i do,
I should concentrate on the success of my own life, not lend so much money “that why your always broke blah blah blah”.
and they would of been right if i was aspiring to a life of wealth and greed  but that not I am seeking i don’t care for money at lease not
anymore and not in that fashion . I do want abundance in my life but I am not willing to turn a blind sight on other suffering for my own comfort
I do desire beautiful material thing but not at the cost of a child pain and suffering. they are many more example i could come up with but instead i will let you tell me what we should
so as a collective life instead of what we should do for our self.

One last thing, live for good, live for greatness, live for love, live your life by all mean create happiness for other and in the fashion we will all be happy



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Originally posted 2015-09-18 15:38:37.

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  1. Yogi Paulo says:

    Interesting point about judging, I think while we have a mind we will always judge, and this process never stops, it’s only pure consciousness, our essence that is not subject to respond in this way and free. The mind is never free but what we can do is NOT take the judgements too seriously. it’s a bit like a stick, you try and cut the end off and your left with another end, as all sticks must have two ends to be a stick. if we try and oppose the judging mind, it tends to rebel, so I am ok with what is NOT ok. Give myself room to be a human, with it’s up and down sides and love it like that. I had a deep permanant spiritual awakening in December 2005 and since then I live a life of authenticity, honesty and integrity and do whatever feels ‘right’ no matter what the cost,(as long as it does not hurt others) will not let fear dictate my life and good things have come from this approach to life, others seem to feel one’s strength and act with respect without trying, that’s enough now. Sorry I’ve gone on for so long. Luv & Blessings, Yogi Paulo

    1. admin says:

      thank you for your reply great write up keep sending your tough . we appreciate them :)

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