Forgive us for what we have done


I know some of my post at time can seam a little dark but rest assure it is far from reality in life there is a balance
and for every beautiful miracle there also some horrible event taking place in the world and I feel the obligation to
address them maybe to grow awareness or because i should do something to help humanity. To be conscious and to
live in the moment, it is said you need to be fully aware. In my opinion you should be fully aware of the past present and future
from heaven to hell by being the observer of the world.

So ya sometime I might be digging in post with a darker flavor because i think it is important a wise man once said “The only thing evil need to succeed,
is for a good man to do nothing” so i just want to contribute to good with awareness as a medium.

Why ” Forgive us for what we have done ” well its simple before I can address the problem of the world i have to face what I have done
to create hell we live in and hopefully you will be able to accept your and be the change we all need.

So what is it I need forgiveness about ?

 I’m sorry I was lazy and chose the easy way out,  I don’t know how many time instead  of taking action i just look away from the simplest thing like
not picking trash because I dint want to bend over to looking the other way when a stranger needed my help. Now this did not happen very often
I try to help other when ever possible but I have to admit at time I look away so I am sorry.

I’m sorry I chose anger when I felt attack,  Many time in my life i got upset when attack by other I chose anger over expressing my feeling,
I’m not saying I wasn’t justify in my action but justification is just a excuse to our action. What i mean is by choosing to justify our anger & action
we blind our self to what other are trying to says with there ignorant action & words basically people hurt you because they are not equip to share what is bothering them
so they use juvenile tactic to create a reaction or situation prone to change’s and in the process we get hurt and when ego is hurt or the little kid inside is crying
the natural way for human to deal with pain is to make other feel worst then they do. So I am sorry i din’t see your pain, I am sorry I was affected by you , I am sorry
I try to make you feel the same you did to me.

I’m sorry my desire change who I really am. I think this one is to worst of them all and in my opinion we are all guilty of it, Why?  We all want, desire, most often it
money, material, people, Job or event & experience…  and when we desire we are quick to forget our moral value, we are willing to hurt so we can get what we want
Ii can come up with a load of example but…  you get the point.
When ego desire, that where as an individual & society we go to shit. But every time one as
replace self loathing with love, compassion, understanding & forgo there desire, personal & spiritual growth has always prevail. So to growth is to help other achieve thee goal ?
What do you think ?…

Also on the other hand to grow you also need to move past your mistake learn from them and move on. So to learn the lesson thought doesn’t mean to dwell on them








Originally posted 2015-09-26 19:29:53.

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