2016… a time for change?!

Happy new years to all of you :) it’s the time of the years again where we are about the promises a but load of resolution we don’t intent to keep but will serve to appease our guilty consciences of a unbalance life, but in my quest to find purpose to life i try to change my perceptive on thing.

We all know we live in a world suffering from turmoil and if you ended up on this page I believe you are searching for ways to change your life around…right ?  But let me ask you a question should you be changing YOUR life around or should you be changing life around you.We are all press to complaint about all the wrong that happen to us or that was done to us and in the mean time we use those action to justify the wrong we created in the name of retribution. Everyday we wake up to try and better OUR life, we go to work, we save money, we purchase material, we individualize ourself by showing off how better we are. And for what ? Are we this shallow? By now you know money isn’t real, and you know that humanity isn’t heading in the right direction! So what should we do ? How can we make a difference for 2016?

In my research I have come across the concept of social consciousness or the unity consciousness, I have mention this before :) “100 monkey experiment” where our though and conscience action play a very important role in how we as a person & also how society hold itself and everyone of us to contribute in that global consciousness in a conscious or unconscious way. Our tough and action shape the world we live in & if we don’t like it then it’s up to us to change it and like i said before … what should we do ?

If you open yourself to the idea that the world presented to you might not be all of what it seam and that you as a individual can do something to better this world you will find yourself open to a wonderful life. Now your gonna says … What dose that have to do with anything?

Well stay with me a little bit.

By changing they way you think, by changing the way you act, by changing the way you see the world, we all change and that my friend’s it how you make a different. If we can think of other before our own needs, insure basic need is provided for all human being, help other’s walk there true purpose there will be no limit to what humanity will achieve. It is believe that such society existed long ago and I don’t know about you but i would love to see such time again.

In unity  you will find strength… True out the course of our history humanity has showed amazing ability of achievement, love & compassion. In unity we have built some of the most incredible wonder of this world. But yet there is a disturbing facet about us and i believe it is up to us, our generation to do something about our future and the legacy we will leave behind for our children

So take care of yourself & other, spread joy & love, change how you think and act and we will have a brighter future and all of this has to start with me


P.s check out http://themastershift.com/ do some research and above all question everything you will find truth

Originally posted 2016-01-02 22:57:00.

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