12 Days living in a U-Haul Parking Lot

Down to our last penny with out a home of our own, the beginning of a new life or should I says the continuation of previously started journey.

We are in a 1967 strip out gmc bus without walls, electricity or running water my wife waiting on her severance pay from her work transfer we have no clue how we are to survive this ordeal but life has it way to work in our favor if we allow it. What we wanted was money but what we got was a great life lesson and money but first the life lesson .


The 1967 bus was a dream of ours everyday since january my wife and myself talk about travelling the world together or at lease north america in our converted bus, that dream took form many years ago but when we had aproach the subject with my kids, they voice their desire to stay close to there friends so we had put this dream on the back burner for some time and then true some course of event my children wanted to go and spend some time there mother they had been living with us for 8 years now, and it was time for them to get to the next chapters of their life and in return allow us to continue on ours path  and live out our dream.Not that we couldn’t before with them but they came first us second. Life is always about perception and instead of dwelling on them leaving, we understood  they had to live their life, their experience. Today people want to control every aspect of their kids life and I get it because at some point you have to , and direct them towards a righteous path but at a certain point all you can do is let go and hope they listen when we spoke and as for myself, I consider ourselves very lucky we have a great relationship with our kids. And hopefully one day we will be traveling together

So we are the first of July and I made a promise to buy a 1967 GMC PD 4107 but no where near having money to pay for it. We had been waiting for some time now for our money give or take 2-3 month, my wife severance pay and our retirement fund. We figured if we are to live our life pay bills then die why not cash in our retirement take advantage of this opportunity and try to find a life where we could be truly happy and maybe and hopefully discover our purpose in life and in the process become who we were meant to be.

Everyday I meditated and prayed for our money to come in, everyday I stress and wonder what was going to happen to us. We were living in a strip out bus on the goodwill of a samaritan that took a liking to us Mr. Dan. We had been expecting this money since april and was quite eager to start our new life. We needed a change in scenery after this long ordeal with our landlord, my kids and family I could bear to stay in the abyss any longer. but life as a way to teach us the lesson that need to be learn in ways we can understand, after months of waiting and imagining all that could go wrong and whent wrong and weeks of excuse generated on our end to justify why we were late in paying for our bus and then something magic happen not in the sense we are us too but in a conscious awakening kind of way. The owner of the bus Mr. Dan said something to me:

” Frank you can wish all you want or stress as much as you want, it won’t make any difference, it will happen when it need to happen not a minute before and not one after, So stop stressing enjoy yourself and life will happen”

that was a eye opener for me I knew that his word of wisdom held truth I often spoke these words to others in conversation but only now did i understand what they meant. We often hear when I have money I will be happy, when I have the right job I will be happy, When I have the right spouse,  I be happy. Or everything will be ok once I have … Well let me give you one slice of knowledge, You will only be happy once you decide to be, Happiness is not something we acquire rather it is something we are and have within us we all have the capacity to be happy that you may be living in a 3rd world country or are the richest of rich we all have the same abilities to find hapiness within us and the simple fact of this truth confirms that happiness reside within and nowhere else. rich or poor we all have the same abilities

So after speaking with Mr. Dan we work on our bus enjoying ourself company found slice of hapiness in everyday life without money or material thing , then life started to send us help. The owner of the U-Haul lots Mr. Frank had a trailer full of building material and said we could help our self to whatever we needed so that was a great help in the progress of building our tiny home

Thank you very much Mr Frank :)

Mr. Dan was so patient, more than anyone could ever be letting us live in his bus while we were waiting to pay him not knowing us from a hole in the wall he open his heart and help some in need taking all the risk.

Thank you Mr. Dan :)

Than hold and be hole the money came in my wife paid for the bus with her severance pay, finish the bulk of the renovation so we could travel.  Now I am happy as anyone can be if not more but one thing for sure money or the bus or people did not bring me any hapiness maybe some joy but that was momentarily my hapiness came from within came in by living in the now letting go of my ego accepting what is and what I plan for myself and my life and taking time everyday finding slice of happiness. And with this simple mindset change I was able to find happiness but happiness is a state of mind that we all have to work at, the same as a athlete will working on their discipline or a body builder will work on his muscle tone. We have to train our mind to be happy .

So here is the start to our new life and the beginning to a series of article about our travel



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